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It is all taking place in the little village of Vitznau (Switzerland). At that place are several Michelin Star restaurants located in this region. One of them is restaurant Sens, fine dining on its highest level. It belongs to the charming hotel Vitznauerhof.

We went to try it out and my word what an experience it was. It was sensational!

It is a magnificent location and one of the most beautiful spots in the universe. The charming restaurant is on the shores of Lake Lucerne next to the hotel Vitznauerhof.

We started outside in the glorious lounge where the views are to die for and the sunsets are a spectacle to watch.

We began with a pink Champagne and we were served delicious and exquisite looking appetisers. Some were prepared in front of us which was exciting to see.

Later we were seated at a wonderful table inside where the party started.

A good deal was going on, but in a very entertaining style. Every time members of the staff (including the Chef de cuisine and kitchen-) came through with a dish and explained what the ingredients in the dish were made of.

We were thrilled every time a new dish appeared. They totally seemed like mini pieces of artwork, some dishes were so clever with ingredients you would not expect, it was sensational!​

The serving was outstanding and casual, creating a relaxed ambience. It was service with a smile!

The very talented and sympathetic Chef de Cuisine of the restaurant is 1 Michelin star Jeroen Achtien (Dutch) who has employed before in restaurant ‘De Librije’(Netherlands) awarded with 3 Michelin Stars.

We experienced an unbelievable night and culinary adventure, which we will look back on for a long time.

Big thanks to Jeroen and his awesome team!

Some impressions from this phenomenal experience.

​A very special evening and phenomenal experience at Sens restaurant. When dining becomes an adventure.

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