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An Urban place in a tranquil environment

Waveon cafe is an Urban place in a tranquil environment. It is located in the South Korean city of Gijang with breathtaking views over the East sea.

Designed by award winning IDMM Architects. Kwak Hee Soo is the founder of IDMM Architects who is widely known for his collaborative works with top tier clients of the Korean Wave.

waveon cafe korea9

The building is built from concrete and is stacked and rotated to enjoy the best views of the East Sea.

A surreal scenery between the Urban building and picturesque neighborhood houses. The client wanted to get a 500m2-sized building ‘just’ for a cafe where we can look down the sandy and rocky shore wherever we are.

waveon cafe korea3
waveon cafe korea2

The result is an amazing teamwork between urban and nature, wich we all can participate and enjoy.

Source: dezeen

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