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Black tableware pieces ideas and mood board

B eautiful black tableware pieces here shown in pictures and a mood board. Depending on your style, black can be a great option to use for your home. But in some cases you should consider using accessories in black instead of furniture pieces. Naturally it all depends on the size of your living room. If it is a small room, it can look a little bit crowded. Here you can see how to work with black accessories.

I may assume that coffee and tea are part of our daily routine for the most of us. There are so many pieces of tableware available, that it is hard to choose from. Here an impression of some great looking tableware pieces who might give you an idea.

These designs are from Anna Lerinder a Swedish designer located in Stockholm. A very stylish black teapot with a gold handle.

Designer mugs from Hasami porcelain based in the United States West Coast designer Shinomoto TakuHiroshi. The coaster is on top and is also very convenient to keep your beverage warm.

Black tableware pieces from Bylassen.com

Handmade black bowls and plate from maison.hand.com

A Black line handmade cutting board from imogene + willie . Processed natural and pigment free. Wood is treated to develop rich, food-safe dye that ages beautifully. Hand carved from white oak by Joshua Vogel of Black Creek Mercantile and Trading Co.

I hope you find some ideas and inspiration from these beautiful black tableware pieces. In the end, it is all about the taste, but sometimes, someone else can give you just another idea, you otherwise would never have found. For more ideas have a look here.


Mood board by efashiondiva7 /thevirtualstylist 

Kitchen Dining seekandstyle.com.au

Kitchen Dining seekandstyle.com.au

Kitchen Dining seekandstyle.com.au

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