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Christmas in Zürich while staying at the Widder hotel

Staying at the Widder hotel in Zürich was a special wish of my husband for years. This year his wish came true and we had the best time ever.

Nothing is more romantic than to stroll through the small streets of Zürich with beautiful Christmas decorations and dazzling window shops to look at while staying at the Widder Hotel.

Rennweg Zürich


The Widder hotel is one of a kind. It is the gem of the Swiss luxury hotel industry. Seven hundred years of history are steeped within its walls. Today’s hotel is comprised of nine formerly distinct medieval houses. All the buildings have been carefully restored to ensure they retain their original character. Inside the luxury Widder hotel you will find a striking contrast between historic building features and some of the most prominent modern designs of the 20th century.

(source Widder Hotel)


The Widder hotel is located in the heart of Zürich where the charming streets are and only a stone’s throw away from the famous Bahnhofstrasse with its designer stores.


We received a wonderful, spacious design room with private terrace overlooking Zürichs spectacular sights. We took in the feeling of being in our own private residence in the middle of Zürich.


The rooftops of Zürich during the evening, appearing even more spectacular.


The ever so famous Widder bar where we held our lunch.

Design combined with the old components of the Widder hotel.


Window shopping in the cozy little streets of Zürich. We had even various shops with lineups like for instance at the store of Louis Vuitton.


In the opening of the evening we started with a glass of Ruinart Rose Champagne at the magical Garden the Noel of the Widder hotel. A hidden treasure in the backyard of the Widder Hotel stunningly decorated. The ornaments were beautifully executed and a celebration of the eye. I offer the possibility to snap some photos in the afternoon as well. In the evening it was so cozy and romantic. We immediately became in a festive mood.


The idea of this package was all incredibly festive and accompanied by the well known Ruinart, a fine and very tasty Champagne.


We held our dinner in the stunning decorated restaurant named 'The Oyster'. The food and service was incredible, this was a night to remember. Various seafood was served and a delicious dessert at the end.


After a good night sleep and a sumptuous breakfast our incredible stay unfortunately had come to an end. This treat was really welcome in this difficult time. Great thanks to the incredible staff of the Widder Hotel for making our stay unforgettable!

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