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Delvaux Memorable Anniversary Collection


A very special edition from Delvaux luxury handbags. The Memorable Anniversary Collection. The reason for this special edition is the 190 year celebration of Delvaux. Just in time for the holidays because these beauties need to be on the Wish list, wink wink.


A little bit about Delvaux according to the CEO and Chairman Jean-Marc Loubier who bought the brand in 2011. A total of 42 retail stores all over the globe like Asia, North America, and Europe. A huge customer part is based in Asia where the brand is more famous than America and Europe.


A rare piece of the Delvaux collection The TEMPÊTE MM B SUSPENSE’ MINK FUR SATCHEL. You can shop here.


The special edition Memorable Anniversary Collection 2019.

The emblematic ‘Ceci n’est pas un DELVAUX’ Brillant, makes a real impact in Ciel, a new special sky blue. The Tempête and Brillant also take on a Magritte twist with a beautiful lining depicting the artist’s iconic clouds crossing a serene Belgian sky. The original effect is made complete with white raw edges on the frame and an Ivory buckle.

The Brillant Mini Alligator Eclipse subtly plays with light and radiance.


The Brillant MM with Ivory handle and accessory.


For this collection, two Brillant Minis showcase the pure elegance of gold on black.


To celebrate this remarkable anniversary with extra sparkle, Delvaux has designed a range of precious rings to attach to the Brillant’s handle. These intricate jewels can be worn and inter-changed as the mood suits. Adding a sophisticated touch and plenty of shine, four glittering styles are available in this collection. A suggestion from me is that you can use these beautiful rings for your scarfs as well.


You can find this adorable keyring here, also available in other colours.


Originally created with the renowned Belgian architect, this mini Brillant Rodéo satchel from Delvaux is defined by its structural trapeze shape and quilted leather veneer. This carryall is further secured by a jewel-inspired buckle for a signature touch. You can shop this item here. I think we have enough for our Wishlist at the moment and I hope you’ve enjoyed this special Delvaux Memorable Anniversary collection. To see more from Delvaux, have a look here.


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