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Designer items for your kitchen

I have found some designer items for your kitchen. Did you ever consider a black kitchen? From a convenient point of view, it can be very tricky. If you have children, it is probably not the first option to choose for. But in an ideal world, when you do not have to think about it, it looks incredibly luxurious and very sleek. Here some examples and designer items to use in a black kitchen. Also, displayed in a Mood Board for the final result.

In this example from urbancouture the kitchen is beautifully equipped with copper items.

Bar stool from andythornton

black kitchen

A contemporary modern kitchen in which will fit designer items very well. Found on Bobedre.

Silver grinders from Normann Copenhagen at the Finish Design Shop

The final result a Mood Board created by Efashiondiva7/THEVIRTUALSTYLIST

For more interior ideas have a look here!

Normann Copenhagen kitchen dining – selfridges.com

Normann Copenhagen kitchen dining – selfridges.com

Normann Copenhagen wine pourer – selfridges.com

Normann Copenhagen vegetable peeler – selfridges.com

Bloomingville wooden furniture – nordstromrack.com

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