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Dupli Casa House by J. Mayer H.

Dupli Casa by architect J. Mayer H. found on architecture and design is a contemporary building build between 2005-2008 near Ludwigsburg, Germany. Even today this building is as modern as it was at the time it was built.


The former house was built in 1984 and later rebuilt in 2005 and completed in 2008. The new building is based on the footprint of the former house into a geometry form. With his shape and form, it balances a beautiful connection between in- and outside. Spectacular views can be enjoyed onto the old town of Marbach and on the other side the Neckar Valley.


The garden is kept very clean and minimalistic to enjoy the shape of this unusual building. Inside is chosen for designer furniture like the Panton chairs from Vitra.


Incredible scenery because of light, hight, and shape.

Staircase and hallway designed in geometry form. Bold and beautiful windows to enjoy the view from every angle.

2 pools are situated in the building one in- and one outside.


A work of art is delivered by J. Mayer H.  and Partner, Architekten mbB is an international award-winning architecture office with projects at the intersection of architecture, communication, and new technology.

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