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Great Design by Norm Copenhagen

Norm.Architects was founded in 2008. Situated in the heart of Copenhagen, Norm works with residential architecture, commercial interiors, industrial design, photography, graphics and art direction. I am in love with their designs, because of the contemporary look, the simplicity, functionality, colors and natural elements. I have used their designs in the associated collage. Also, their Photography is well worth it to take a look at. See here some examples.


Collage created by THEVIRTUALSTYLIST on Polyvore

All photos below from Norm Copenhagen



Shop the look

Menu milk bottle – houseology.com

Menu low bowl – burkedecor.com

Menu white dinnerware – burkedecor.com

Menu grinders – burkedecor.com

Menu flatware – burkedecor.com

Tradition white furniture – houseology.com

Norm Architects pinterest.com

Norm Architects pinterest.com

Barstool pinterest.com

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