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How to create your living room outside

Would that not be lovely to create your living room outside? Now you can, with this beautiful furniture for outdoors and accessories you can create your living room outside. Here are some great examples and a mood board to show it off. If you want to use accessories, look for water resistance ones because it has to survive outside.

Try to create your outside living room in the same color palette as your inside living room. In that way, it looks really like you have added an extension to your living room. After all the hard work has been done it is time to enjoy and relax!

Outdoor idea-1

Outdoor idea-3

Outdoor idea-4

Outdoor idea-5 from Loa Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor idea-6

MOOD BOARD Time to be outside by efashiondiva7/THE VIRTUAL STYLIST

*Photos from Pinterest Board THEVIRTUALSTYLIST.NET

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