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How to decorate with copper

How to decorate with copper is probably a good question to ask. While copper is a very warm colour very suited for Fall. For some who maybe not know how to decorate with, here an example on a mood board to show you how.

copper chair2 diy

source: roof of karma

A great idea I’ve found on roof of karma who took some old chairs and painted them in copper. The result, looking like a totally cool new designer chair.


Copper pairs really good with black, dark grey and white. Try not to use a lot of different colours together. Let the copper speaks for itself. Less is more.


Copper Towel ladder from Litte deer.


Mood board by Efashiondiva7/thevirtualstylist on urstyle.

Shop the look

table copper

ABC Home Tray Table Copper found on urstyle.


Throw from shopstyle.

copper chair3

Copper chair from onekingslane.


Pillow with copper motive from Amara.


Copper coloured pendant from Kaufmann

I hope you have found some ideas here and will start decorating. If you have any questions please use the form below.

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– Elsie de Wolfe –

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