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How to make your home office cozy


A good question these days is how to make your home office cozy? While we spent more days working from home, why not create a nice and cozy look. Some examples are given here as well a mood-board I’ve created.


To style in black and white will always be my favourite. The combination of modern with natural elements, will create this homy look.


You do not need a large space to create a cozy look, on the contrary the smaller the space, the more cozy it looks. Add some shelves for your paperwork, a plant and some cool accessories to create this smart look.

Make it more personal with pictures, flowers and fragrances to go for the cozy look.


Moodboard in black and gold elements created on Urstyle. Find your own personal style, but try to keep it simple by mixing not to many colours.

Shop the look here


I hope you have find some great ideas to get started, just let me know how it went.


The pictures can be found on my Pinterest board.

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