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In love with coffee

I do not know about you, but I do love coffee. Lately I am all into Latte Macchiato. I can also go with a good Espresso after dinner or a French press with breakfast. There is something about coffee, the smell, the look, especially when it is coffee art I will get fascinated. It is not that I drink a lot of coffee. I like to keep it special. In summertime I love to create an iced coffee. Fitting with this topic a mood board created on Urstyle about coffee.


One of my favourites lately, Flat White. Made from a shot of Espresso and foamed milk.


Summer favourite, iced coffee.


French press with breakfast.

(Image from onlydecolove )

Mood board 'IT IS ALL ABOUT THE DESIGN' created on Urstyle.


I hope you have enjoyed my little Coffee time story? I wish you a wonderful weekend!

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