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In love with Zara's new ad campaign women

As an immense lover of elegant and contemporary clothing design, Zara fits right into my liking. The latest ad campaign is entirely about that. Outfits in black and white like blazers, coats, dresses and skirts with a whole bunch of adorable accessories. Love it! Let's enjoy together.


This takes me right back to the roaring fifties with its elegant dressing style. Although I was not born yet, I adore the look.


I am also a sucker for the military look, for me it seems really elegant. (Images by Zara)



Great looking accessories like this belt and neckless.


Images by Zara


Striped suit blazer, suit trousers, striped waistcoat and cropped blazer Zara.


I hope you all enjoyed this new ad campaign from Zara as much as I did. You can shop the look here.


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