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It is all about the design


It is all about the design. A statement I fully understand. Of course, it is not everybody’s cup of tea, but for me it is. Since I was young I was already interested in design. By creating mood-boards I am able to express my idea’s and creativity. Here some ideas about design.

The Virtual Stylist

This one I have created in my living room, very simple with just a magazine, coffee and design candles.

When you are interested in design here are some magazines where I have got my inspiration from: Kinfolk, Est Living, Elle Decor. There are also online versions like IssuuWallpaper, and Flipboard.


Kinfolk book


Eye-catching design of lime-wood building blocks called Archiblocks designed by Cinqpoints.


A beautiful statement is this designer Kora ceramic vase designed by Studio Pepe.


Mood-board ‘It is all about the Design’ by efashiondiva7/thevirtualstylist


Melamine serveware – trouva.com

Atipico ceramic statue – crowdyhouse.com

THE KINFOLK HOME – nathanjac.com.au

Kitchenware pinterest.com

Vintage home decor pinterest.com

Body cleanser odetothings.com

onlydecolove pinterest.com

Cinqpoints Archiblocks odetothings.com

Cinqpoints Archiblocks odetothings.com

For more ideas about design have a look here.

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