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Luxury bags from Delvaux Bruxelles

Luxury bags from Delvaux Bruxelles since 1829 is the oldest manufactory in the making of leather bags. Created by the innovative Charles Delvaux, a luxury manufacturer in leather bags. They are exceptional and truly beautiful looking handbags, handmade and customized. Price Tags starting from 2500,– till 28000,– US Dollars and more. These are collector items in the same line as the Hermès Kelly bag, Chanel, and Dior. The new winter collection has some really special editions like the one above The Brillant Golden Eye.

Delvaux winter

Delvaux Winter Rhapsody collection

Delvaux Winter Rhapsody collection

delvaux brilliant noir

Delvaux Brilliant Noir

delvaux brilliant bolshoi

Delvaux Brilliant MM Bolshoi

delvaux pochettes

Delvaux Poschettes


Delvaux bags as seen on Femalemag


A 1960s photo of a guest with the Brilliant top-handle outside Brussels’ Hotel Metropole’ source: Femalemag


This bag text is inspired by the well-known painter Rene Magritte with his famous version of ‘Ceci n’est pas un pipe’.

The mini bags covers famous landmarks of Belgium in the series ‘Les miniatures Belgitude‘. You will find waffles and whimsy, fries and surrealism and not forget the famous seaside of Knokke and Ostende, it is all created in this limited edition of the miniature bags collection.


The cool box, Pop-ups in Paris

Beautiful boutiques worldwide designed in their own unique signature style.


Delvaux men’s bag

delvaux brilliant nude

Delvaux’s beige grained calfskin Brillant MM satchel is finished with polished pale gold-tone hardware. Introduced in 1958, this iconic style is handmade using 64 pieces of leather. Fom Barney’s New York.


Delvaux ‘Brilliant’ pink

Back in the days 1958 of the Delvaux ‘Brilliant’ handbag, in collaboration with Paule Goethals, a renowned Belgian architect.


Delvaux ‘Brilliant’ East/West and mini


Delvaux Spring/Summer collection 2018


Pre-owned Delvaux black croc Brilliant M bag est. price 28000,- EURO


Delvaux ‘Brilliant‘  collection, a star is born.

Delvaux luxury bags

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My final say is that classic design is timeless and never gets boring. For now, I can only dream about it.

‘how to recognize great design, if you are still in love with it after a few decades’

                               -quote The Virtual Stylist-

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