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New arrivals, sublime Chanel handbags – Métiers d’art

Chanel Métiers D’art

I am very excited to show you the new arrival handbags from Chanel Métiers D’art. Such an astonishing collection for this season. Not to forget a very special collector’s item of 4 mini bags. Have a look and enjoy these mouthwatering pieces.


Métiers d’art show Chanel

A very elegant handbag, the mini Flab Bag in sophisticated Black, Satin, Strass & Ruthenium-Finish Metal


This stylish Chanel handbag in Tweed & Silver-Tone, Metal White, Black, Pink & Orange.


A refined Pink Chanel handbag with Sequins, Glass Pearls & Silver-Tone Metal Gray.


Chanel Campaign MÉTIERS d’art

chanel campaign métiers d’art


A distinguished cage or a handbag? In this case it is both. The cage is from Gold-Tone Metal, decorated with Strass. The bag is made from Lambskin. Available in different tones.


I am in love with Velvet, especially this one in Pink. Made from Velvet with Strass and a Gold-Tone chain.


The same one as above executed in Black Velvet.


A true collectors item, 4 adorable Chanel mini bags in Pink, made from Lamb and Calfskin. Decorated with gold and Silver-tone. Who does not fall in love with these cuties.


The same set of 4 Mini bags, but executed in Black.


CHANEL métiers d’art

I hope you are as excited as I am with these new arrivals from Chanel. We simply just can’t get enough of it.


If you want to see more about Chanel, have a look here.

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